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We have been offering certified organic seeds to our organic-producing customers
for more than twenty-five years. With our own varieties registered with the Bundessortenamt, we were the first vegetable breeding company in Europe that ventured into producing organic vegetable seeds. Today, we are able to provide you with quality seeds from all important vegetable crops. In addition, we also offer untreated seeds from conventional production for almost all of our varieties.

Our certified organic seeds are produced on farms that comply at least with the EC-regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. The EC-certified organic varieties that we offer are marked with the “BIO” logo.

Many of our seed propagators are members of well-known organic organisations. All organic farmers are certified by neutral inspection bodies under the supervision of the government. At HILD, the propagation, processing and distribution of seeds are controlled by the inspection body "ABCERT AG" (control-no. DE-ÖKO-006).

On the basis of the mutual recognition of the government organic standards between
the EU and the USA, EU certified organic seed can be marketed in the USA with
NOP certification, the U.S. standard for organic products.

Organic assortment  

Here you can find our extensive assortment of seeds from certified organic production as well as an overview of all the seed forms we offer. You may ask us about our current availabilities.
Organic assortment ( 490 k)
Seed forms ( 44 k)

Our organic certificates in 4 different languages for download:
German ( 180 k)
Englisch ( 180 k)
French ( 180 k)
Italian ( 170 k)
The certification of our products is carried out by the certification body "ABCERT AG"
(control no. DE-ÖKO-006).

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